Kosovo government forms a task force for abolition of tax on Serbian goods

Kosovo’s Ministry of Economy has formed a team to identify trade barriers and recommend to the Government of Kosovo further steps regarding the tax on Serbian goods.

It will recommend either the abolition or withholding of the 100% tax on the import of Serbian goods, Gazeta Express reports.

It is exactly one week since this team, consisting of nine members from different institutions, started to work. This team was founded at the initiative of the Kosovo Minister of Economy Rozeta Hajdari.

Based on the document obtained by the Pristina T7 television, the team consists of representatives of the Ministry of Commerce from different departments of this ministry, who also participate in the Kosovo Customs, Food and Veterinary Agency.

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Company representatives are also included in this group. The PKK, the Manufacturers Club and the Business Chamber are three bodies that represent the voice of Kosovo businesses.

Still, the American Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo is left out of the group. The Chamber told the T7 TV station that their views would have to be heard.

“Despite our differing views on the issue of fees, the US Chamber of Commerce believes in the importance of the diversity of opinions and ideas that should be discussed within those bodies. However, over the past week we have had a meeting with both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy, at which we have communicated what is already a public view of the US Chamber of Commerce on the importance of undisturbed trade between the Western Balkan countries and therefore the full economic integration of the whole region”, said Arian Zeka of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

Vetëvendosje and the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo stipulated in a coalition government agreement that the tax on Serbian products would be replaced by a measure of reciprocity.

(Blic, 25.02.2020)




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