Kosovo becomes associate member of NATO – Italy and France against

Kosovo was granted NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) associate member status at the NATO Assembly meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A majority of member countries supported the decision and 14 abstained. In addition to the countries that have not recognized Kosovo’s independence – Spain, Romania, Slovakia and Greece – the decision was also not supported by France and Italy while the Hungarian delegation voted against.

The decision was adopted by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) on Monday, May 27th. The status was upgraded following several years of excellent cooperation between the Kosovo Parliament and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly is institutionally separate from NATO but serves as an important link between NATO and the parliaments of member countries.

The NATO PA is made up of 281 delegates from the 32 NATO member countries. In addition to NATO country delegates, delegates from 9 associate countries, 4 Mediterranean associate countries, as well as 8 parliamentary observer delegations take part in its activities.

Associate members can present resolutions and amendments to resolutions. They can also serve as Special Associate Rapporteurs on Committees to present their perspectives in NATO-PA reports.

They are not, however, eligible to vote on reports, resolutions or Assembly leadership, nor do they contribute to the Assembly’s budget.

Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are two of the nine NATO PA associate members.

(Blic.rs, 27.05.2024)


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