Kosovo bans import of Serbian goods – On the verge of war

The Government of Kosovo decided to ban vehicles with Serbian license plates from entering the country as “security measures”, after Serbia arrested three Kosovo police officers.

“For security reasons, institutions of Kosovo have decided to increase the level of border controls. Therefore, as an urgent step, it was decided to prohibit the entry of vehicles with Serbian license plater into the Republic of Kosovo, while analysis of the situation by the security institutions continues”, said government spokesperson Perparim Krieziu, RFE reported.

Earlier, Kosovo media reported that the government has also banned imports of goods from Serbia.

These measures came after Serbian authorities arrested three Kosovo police officers, saying they were planning terroristic action in Serbia. Serbian authorities said the officers were armed with automatic weapons.

“With the quick and efficient actions of the Serbian police, the attempt of the so-called Kosovo police to invade the territory of central Serbia to carry out an action which by all parameters is a terrorist act with the aim of additional destabilization and escalation of the conflict directed against the Republic of Serbia,” said the statement”, said a statement of Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

While the Serbian side insisted that three officers are arrested in a territory of Serbia, Kosovo authorities said that three police officers have been kidnapped.

journalist Aleksandar Dikić says that this measure should be seen in the context of the conflict between the Serbian and Albanian people, and that, although he says he is a critic of the current regime, it has nothing to do with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.

“This measure of the Pristina government should be viewed in the context of the conflict between the Serbian and Albanian people. Both parties live in different periods that have been alternating between the Cold War, economic war, political war and now, we are on the verge of a real war. Although I am a fierce critic of the current regime, I don’t think that Aleksandar Vučić is to blame for this. The main culprits for the escalation of tensions are Kurti and a part of the international community that presents itself or pretends to be his mentor,” says Dikić.

Political scientist Ognjen Gogić believes that the Kosovo government cannot justify this decision for security reasons, as it usually does, but that banning the import of Serbian products directly antagonizes the Serbian population in Kosovo.

“This is yet another move that will further escalate the current situation. Instead of working on de-escalation as requested by international mediators, this deepens the crisis. It is a measure that affects the ordinary population, unlike other measures of Pristina. It cannot be justified by security reasons, because goods do not threaten the security of the Kosovo Police, but are directed against the local Serbs,” says Gogić.

(Danas, 18.06.2023)



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