Korean Yura denies allegations of mass layoffs and mobbing

Director-General of the South Korean company, Yura, in Serbia, PJ Hwan, said that there are no mass layoffs or mobbing practices in the Leskovac factory or in the other two factories in Serbia, despite growing rumours.

At a press conference, Hwan said that it is true that the volume of work at Yura has been reduced, but that there have been no mass layoffs: “Everyone talks about how we have laid off workers, but it’s not true, it’s just that their job contracts have expired.”

He added that the total number of workers in Leskovac may have been reduced, but that other Yura’s factories have hired new workers. “We try to keep all our workers and provide them with a safe and stable working environment,” he added.

Hwan first laughed off reporters’ claim that a large number of workers had been complaining of bullying in the workplace, and then denied those claims:

“I don’t think it happens and I maintain that mobbing does not exist in our company. These practices are punishable by law in Serbia and Korea. It is impossible for this to happen in the time we live in. Nobody has informed me of this happening in our company.”

Hwan also refuted claims that workers cannot contact employers from South Korea.

“We have boxes to collect workers’ comments in our factories. Our managers are not allowed to read them, only I am. We also hold a joint meeting with our colleagues every month, where we exchange views and listen to their problems and complaints,” Hwan added.

He pointed out that although Yura in Leskovac undertook to employ 2,200 workers, it currently has 3,200.

(Danas, 21.03.2021)



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