Kopaonik Business Forum opened

The focus of this year’s Kopaonik Business Forum (KBF), which was opened on March 4th,  will be how to achieve strong economic growth in Serbia and the higher living standard in the country, close to that in the EU.

The Forum, which gathers more than 1,300 state officials, business people, representatives of financial organizations and the media, was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic, who participated in the plenary session on the topic “Macroeconomic basis for strong growth”.

At the opening, the Prime Minister said that that the country’s economy was not prepared for sustainable growth and had to invest the effort to increase growth and make it sustainable in the long term.

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“The most important job of the government is to transform the economy from investment-based to an economy relying on innovation and knowledge,” she said.  

Brnabic also said that is the only way to secure a healthier and more competitive economy for future generations.  

“This government has done a lot and we are moving towards an economy based on innovation and knowledge. The basis for that is the education reform which is meant to teach young people to think, not about what but to solve problems,” she said.  

According to the Prime Minister, IT is the fastest growing sector in Serbia with an annual growth rate of 26 percent in 2018 and exports of 1.14 billion euro.

Brnabic also added the government would change its subsidies policy to stimulate investments in technology, equipment and research and creation of new jobs.

The central theme of the event, which lasts until March 6th and is being held at the Grand Hotel on the Kopaonika Mountain, is “Serbia 10 years after a major recession: Strong growth as an imperative.”

During the forum, 26 panels, 3 plenary sessions and 6 special events will be organized, announced President of the Serbian Economic Union of Serbia (SES) and Chairman of the KBF Programming Committee, Aleksandar Vlahovic.

As organizers say, this year’s KBF is proving to be the most popular so far, which confirms the importance of the topics that are being discussed here, as well as the constructive discussions and critical analyses.

Also, apart from the ministers from the Serbian Government, the Forum would play host to the most prominent figures from the Serbian banking, insurance, ICT sector, trade, tourism, energy, agriculture, and pharmaceutical sector, as well as the representatives of public companies, local governments, international financial institutions, ambassadors, business people from the region, representatives of the Fiscal Council, as well as domestic and foreign economic theorists.

Some of the topics that will be presented at the KBF are start-ups, as the digital driving force in Serbia, the regional economic development of the Western Balkans, digital economy, creative economy, innovations, etc.

(Blic, N1, Tanjug, 04.03.2019)



Photo credits: Tanjug / Tanja Valic



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