Kon: “There’s no doubt the coronavirus is coming back”

In the last 24 hours, 137 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Serbia and one person died from the virus.

Commenting on yesterday’s data, epidemiologist Predrag Kon told the RTS TV that there is no doubt that the virus is returning.

“If it comes back stronger than ever, we’ll see what we are going to do. This virus has shown us that we do not know it well and that it is similar with other viruses that attack the respiratory tract, that is, it has a definite season, and these months, i.e. this part of the year, facilitate its transmission,” the epidemiologist said.

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Kon added that it should be noted that Belgrad is the biggest hotspot in terms of virus transmission, particularly at large gatherings of people, such as parties, birthdays and sports games.

“On the other hand, almost 57-58% people did not even know how they were infected, which clearly shows that the virus circulates in Belgrade,” Kon added, underlining that the new situation cannot be ignored, that it must be taken very seriously and that citizens should start to adhere to certain restrictive measures again.

(B92, 25.06.2020)


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