Kon: “There’s a high probability that the virus will return in autumn”

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said that he did not want to engage in what has become a competition among countries as to which country was fighting the coronavirus the best, but he did comment on the list, published by Forbes magazine, on the 100 safest countries in terms of coronavirus contagion where Serbia was ranked 54th.

“Switzerland currently has 1,660 deaths per 8.5 million inhabitants. This country ranks first on the list of safe countries with regard to the COVID-19 infection. I believe that on the basis of the 130 criteria mentioned, it is the safest country in the world in terms of protection against this infection, and I have no doubt about that,” said Kon.

He reiterated that Serbia’s goal was to have a few deaths as possible:

“Currently, there are 249 deaths in Serbia on a population of 7.5 million. So far, we have succeeded in what we set ourselves as our goal, which does not mean that it will remain that way forever. That is why we have to look at all 130 criteria and see where we are weakest.”

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He then said that he was countries competing against each other in the fight against the coronavirus, but he also agreed that lists like this are useful.

“In principle, I am against countries competing with each other against the virus and wish all countries the best. However, the issue of safety is important and such lists are useful if you analyze them in this way. We are further monitoring both our epidemic and the global epidemic, trying to prepare for a timely, rational and efficient response,” said the epidemiologist.

The return of the virus, as he said, will most likely occur in the autumn and some peaks and new outbreaks could also occur during the summer.

(Vesti Online, 08.06.2020)


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