Kon: “The data indicate a marked improvement in the epidemiological situation”

“Fewer people on the respirators and fewer hospitalized patients indicate a general state of improvement, i.e. we can freely say that the epidemic is ending and we have reason to be happy,” said yesterday the epidemiologist Predrag Kon.

From the epidemiological point of view, says Kon, the positive thing is that the infection is shrinking in larger cities, where the population density is higher and there are more contacts between people.

The virus is still surviving in smaller places, especially in old people’s homes in which residents are particularly vulnerable.

“We still have to be very careful because the virus is present in smaller towns and old people’s homes. There are fewer people tested positive in large towns compared to the smaller ones, which from an epidemiological point of view is very good,” Kon said.

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In major cities, there are mostly symptom-free cases, which means that the virus is still circulating but to a lesser degree, Kon warned.

When asked about the situation in Surdulica, Kon said that 39 patients infected with the virus have been registered on site, adding that tests are still ongoing and that the positive cases will be isolated.

“It is important to isolate individual cases, because each positive case is contagious and if we don’t implement all measures, there may be an increase in the viral activity even at the end of the epidemic,” he concluded.

(Vesti Online, 29.04.2020)


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