Kon: “Serbia is coming out of the epidemic”

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon says that Serbia is emerging from the epidemic and is entering a period of sporadic coronavirus outbreaks. He said that “pockets of the epidemic” could also occur during the month of June.

“We are definitely coming out of the epidemic. Yesterday we recorded only 0.8% of positive cases in relation to the number of tested people. When this percentage drops below 0.5, we are going to treat the epidemic as a sporadic event,” Kon told the RTS TV.

The epidemiologist also says there’s no question of opening old people’s homes for visitors for the time being

“While the virus is still circulating it can enter a collective with vulnerable groups, like old people’s homes so, for now, these facilities will remain closed for visitors,” he adds.

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Speaking of antibody testing, Kon says that if a person tests positive, the first thing they need to do is to see a doctor, i.e. a virologist or an immunologist.

“They must be examined and the doctors will explain to them what to do next,” he goes on to say.

As mentioned, face masks will continue to be mandatory for all people over the age of 65 and for chronic patients during the summer as well.

“Once the contagion subsidies and the percentage of infected people falls to zero, they can stop wearing masks,” Kon concluded.

(B92, 28.05.2020)


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