Kon: “New emergency measures possible if the number of infected people continues to grow”

The epidemiologist Predrag Kon said that there was a possibility of introducing new emergency measures if the number of infected people continues to increase, although he expressed the hope that that would not happen.

“We do not have many options when it comes to overcoming this new peak of infection and we have no other way but to close ourselves off, whether through a state of emergency or just implementing emergency measures. I hope we don’t have to do that, even if there is an ongoing increase in the number of infected people,” Kon said.

According to him, this will be particularly serious from an epidemiological point of view if we have one sick person per 1,000 inhabitants, and he noted that the situation in Belgrade is worse than in April.

He recalled that the whole anti-contagion strategy was based on the fact that the virus would weaken during the summer and spread more slowly.

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“We are now in a situation where wearing masks indoors ensures that there is no transmission of the virus, especially in shopping malls, public transport, etc., where you cannot always control whether people are practising social distancing,” he added.

Even waiting for the test for 4-5 days makes it difficult to monitor the situation.

The epidemiologist then added that virus transmission also depends on the proximity of the contact and that a person that has been in contact with an infected person need not necessarily get infected.

As he said, it is important to respect the measure of having one person per four square metres in indoor facilities. Kon finally said that nurseries have to remain open, although epidemiologists would ideally like to close everything down. As he pointed out, it is fortunate that young children show mostly mild symptoms if an infection occurs.

(Politika, 12.07.2020)


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