Kommersant: ‘Vučić wants to divert attention from Serbia by destabilising the region’

The enthronement of Metropolitan Joanikije, the Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Montenegrin-Littoral, in the Cetinje Monastery led to serious political destabilisation of Montenegro, the Moscow daily Kommersant wrote on Monday.

The protest, in which thousands of people took part, was suppressed by the police. At the same time, Metropolitan Joanikije and SPC Patriarch Porfirije were flown into the monastery by military helicopter, the paper said in an article entitled ‘Montenegrin landing enthronement.’

Experts believed that Montenegro was entering a period of destabilisation, which could have been avoided if the enthronement had not been held in the Cetinje, former Montenegrin royal capital, but in any other temple.

The daily said that such a decision could have been made by the SPC or Montenegro’s Government, which could have banned any events in Cetinje.

The paper added that the SPC, the Montenegrin prime minister, and the deputy prime minister were against relocating the ceremony and banning the protest.

Many experts see the reason in the strong influence of Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic over both the current Government of Montenegro and the SPC because he may be interested in the instability of neighbours to distract the attention from the problems at home, Kommersant said.

The paper quotes historian and political scientist Milivoje Beslin as saying that there is a well-founded belief that Serbia’s President makes all decisions related to the Cetinje crisis.

Kommersant also cites a Montenegrin political scientist Zlatko Vujovic, who believes that „insisting on something that could lead to a conflict is primarily a political move made by the SPC and linked to Vucic – to destabilise the region, which is what is happening.”

Kommersant also cites that 21 percent of Orthodox believers support the unrecognised Montenegrin Orthodox Church, while 35 percent would not choose between the two and want a unified Orthodox Church.

(N1, 06.09.2021)


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