Kommersant: Putin did not approve of Vucic’s version of recognition of Kosovo’s independence

During his recent official visit to Russia, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic asked for Vladimir Putin’s support for his vision of Kosovo recognition, which includes secession of the North part, writes Kommersant – Beta news agency reported.

According to the unnamed sources, Vucic asked Russian President to withhold veto on Kosovo’s UN membership if it is brought up in the UN Security Council by China. However, Vucic’s efforts were in vain, since he failed to change Putin’s position on the issue, Kommersant claims.

The Russian newspaper states that the Serbian president often comes to Russia, “more often than any other president,” adding that Putin is quite popular in the Balkans and that Vucic again coming to Moscow adds to his popularity in Serbia.

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Kommersant writes that just before Vucic’s arrived in Moscow, “an unpleasant incident” happened when Kosovo President Hashim Thaci visited northern Kosovo.

“Vucic wanted to draw Putin’s attention to the concerns over this situation, in the light of the upcoming UN Security Council session, at which China will raise the issue of the final recognition of Kosovo by this world organization. Vucic and it is not against it, especially because he feels pressure from the EU leadership and Federica Mogherini because she may want to be remembered as someone who finally closed the problem of Kosovo,” the daily writes.

Referring to unnamed sources, the daily goes on to say that during the talks with Putin, Vucic wanted to get his support for the recognition of Kosovo, adding that the Serbian President himself is ready for such recognition if the north of Kosovo is separated.

“Vucic gave a strong promise to Russia that Serbia will not join NATO. But isn’t he overdoing it? In such, it often happens that you end up doing exactly what you promised you would never do”, the daily writes.

“Obviously, the Russian negotiators realized that all was not that simple. At the beginning of the meeting, it was only Putin, the talks, behind closed doors, lasted more than an hour, out of which 40 minutes was dedicated to Kosovo,” Kommersant writes.

The daily adds, referring to anonymous sources, that Vucic “did not find Putin very agreeable when it comes to the reasons why Russia should not veto in the UN Security Council, if China really questions the membership of Kosovo in the UN and the price that Serbia will pay if Vucic carries out his plans for recognition of Kosovo.”

“It should be noted that the Serbian president spoke with Putin only in Russian, although the protocol does not envisage that”, Kommersant concluded.

(Naslovi.net, Beta, 03.10.2018)


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