Klačar:”New government will not last long; Brnabić PM again”

The executive director of the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID), Bojan Klačar, said he expected Serbia’s new government to be a coalition and continuity government.

Klačar told Prva TV that it is “difficult to find political interests that justify a government of concentration”, and that such a thing would be foreseeable during a serious crisis, whereas the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic was not such.

“The key words here are a government of continuity and a coalition government. It is important from the citizens’ point of view that members of the government are prepared to compromise. Compromises will have to be made on big and small issues, as well as on what awaits Serbia also at the national level,” said Klačar.

He also said that “there is a great chance for Ana Brnabić to be re-appointed Prime Minister”.

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“The government will probably be short-lived, which is why I foresee Ana Brnabić as Prime Minister,” said Klačar.

He added that the new Serbian government, besides facing and expecting compromises on important issues, such as the Kosovo issue and the coronavirus epidemic, will have to make compromises on “minor issues”, for example establishing a dialogue with the opposition parties.

Klačar finally pointed out that, given the boycott of the previous elections by most opposition parties, “a sort of internal dialogue will be needed”.

(Nedeljnik, 20.09.2020)


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