Klacar: ‘I expect an agreement on electoral terms in October’

Bojan Klacar, director of the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID), said he expects an agreement to be signed in October between all stakeholders in the dialogue on improving electoral conditions, mediated by members of the European Parliament (EP), if the document satisfies all parties.

Asked whether he expects a change in the dialogue between the parties together with MEPs in September, as announced by Ivica Dacic, Klacar said he expects for a draft agreement to be made in September that should contain everything that could be improved until the next elections.

“I cannot say that we will have a final agreement in September, considering that it will take time to review it and arrive at the final version, but we can expect that in September, we will be close to a solution for the next elections. In October, signing of the document could take place providing it satisfies all parties, but there is still a lot of negotiation to do before that happens,” Klacar added.

Media is definitely the most important topic or one of the most important topics in the talks and it seems that if a satisfactory solution is found regarding media freedom, an agreement will be reached. “In a way, the media is afraid of all these negotiations and dialogues, so if a common denominator is found on the issue of media freedom, we can count on being closer to our goal,” Klacar said.

Klacar also pointed out that, objectively, little is now known about the solutions on the table: “That is not bad. Experiences with the previous dialogue, the one in 2019, show that the atmosphere is more constructive when the cameras are turned off.”

He added that after the 9 July meeting, the atmosphere has been constructive and that we can see a kind of improvement in political communication, thanks to the presence of MEPs who managed to absorb the existing polarisation on the Serbian political scene.

(N1, 12.07.2021)



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