KKR Investment Fund Interested in Serbia

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic met with representatives of the KKR investment fund today to discuss the progress of agreements with the International Monetary Fund, the state of the Serbian economy, and possible new investments in the country.

Retired general David Petraeus, president of the KKR Global Institute, complimented Vucic on his recent electoral success, highlighting the fact that political stability is the most important factor for economic growth and that the reforms that have been implemented so far are proof that the country is on the right track. Petraeus also stressed that the KKR fund is satisfied with its previous investments in the country and aims to increase its presence in Serbia and the region. 

Vucic also spoke with KKR representatives about identifying a model for resolving the problem of non-performing loans. A team made up of experts from the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Serbia has already begun working to find a solution.

At the Sarajevo Business Forum on Thursday, Petraeus confirmed that the KKR fund has invested billions of dollars in ex-Yugoslavian countries because it believes in the stability of the region and because the fund aims to anticipate the choices of other potential investors. According to Petraeus, in order to achieve economic growth, it is important to guarantee investors that true economic reforms will be enacted and that the country is moving closer to the European Union.

(eKapija, 05.06.2016)

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