“King Peter I” officially Serbian candidate for an Oscar

The Serbian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AFUN) has nominated the film King Peter the First (Kralj Petar Prvi) for the best foreign-language film category of the 92nd Academy Awards.

Apart from this film, directed by Petar Ristovski, other films in the running were “Slučaj Makavejev ili process u bioskopskoj sali”  by Goran Radovanović, “Delirium Tremens” by Goran Marković, “Reži” by Kosta Djordjević, “Teret” by Ognjen Glavonić and “Šavovi” by Miroslav Terzić .

“Kralj Petar Prvi” received 10 votes, “Šavovi” and “Delirium Tremens” five each, and “Teret” one, while no one voted for the documentary ” Slučaj Makavejev ili process u bioskopskoj sali ” and “Reži.” Members of the AFUN Committee voted at the Roda Cineplex cinema in front of reporters.

The choice of the film “Kralj Petar Prvi” as a candidate for Serbia at the 92nd edition of the Oscars caused surprise and disappointment among the journalists present, who stressed that “Teret” and “Šavovi” received very positive reviews at the most important global film festivals, and that “Kralj Petar Prvi” did not receive good reviews by film critics in Serbia.

(Blic, 11.09.2019)





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