‘King of Pyramids’, archeologist Zahi Hawass to come to Belgrade

When you think of ancient Egypt, a world-renowned archaeologist, also known as the King of the Pyramids, Dr Zahi Hawass immediately comes to mind.

Dr Hawass is famous for uncovering secrets that had been buried deep in the Egyptian sand for centuries and presenting them in the most interesting way. He will be the guest of Belgrade on December 7th and 8th.

Thanks to interesting lectures given all over the world, numerous published books and popular television documentaries dedicated to the ancient Egyptian civilization, Dr Hawass has gained numerous followers around the world.

This rarely talented archaeologist, the former Secretary General of the Egyptian Antiquities Council and the first Minister for Antiquities of Egypt and his team are on the track of great discoveries that they will talk about at their lectures on December 7th and 8th, at 7 pm, at the Madlenianum Opera and Theatre.

All of you who are ancient history aficionados will be able to enjoy the stories of the discovery of the mummy of Queen Hatshepsut, the mummies of King Tutankhamun’s family and the mystery of Ramses III’s death, the new discoveries around the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, the new tombs found in Sahara, the discovery of the secret door inside the Great Pyramid, new discoveries in the long-term search for the tomb of Queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony etc.

“I believe that only 30 per cent of ancient Egyptian monuments have been discovered so far and that 70 per cent still lie buried underground. You never know what is hidden beneath”, Dr. Hawass was quoted as saying.

The tickets for Dr Hawass’ lecture are sold via Eventim and they cost 6,110 dinars.

(Blic, 27.11.2018)





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