Kilo of raspberries to cost between 600 and 800 dinars this year

The spring preparations for harvesting raspberries in Serbia have already started and experts estimate that this year’s harvest does not look promising.

A smaller yield and increased investment in production could increase the price of red gold beyond 800 dinars per kilogramme.

Apart from the fact that the last, quite unfavourable year has left its mark on the raspberries, experts say that the new shoots froze in recent months due to frost and low temperatures, which has caused damage to the orchards and especially to the shoots of the ‘miker’ and ‘vilamet’ varieties.

Dobrivoje Radović, president of the Serbian Raspberry Association, says that raspberries are “in a very bad condition”, and that this year’s yield will be lower than last year’s. A smaller yield, along with many other factors, indicates that raspberries will command a higher price this season.

“The prices will probably range between 600 to 800 dinars per kilogramme, considering that the prices of chemicals, raw materials, labour and fertilisers have increased. The price could exceed 800 dinars due to further bad weather conditions, and a greater demand for raspberries if the yield is unsatisfactory,” Radović adds.

(Kurir, 07.04.2022)


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