Kikinda confirms the arrival of Toennies

Members of the Kikinda local parliament have urgently adopted a decree to rent 2,544 hectares of state-owned land to the German meat producer Toennies for a period of 30 years – the town’s official website reports.

“This is a state-owned land that stretches around Banatska Topola, Kikinda, Rusko Selo, Novi Kozarci and Banatsko Veliko Selo. The total value of the investment is around 20 million EUR and it includes the acquisition of relevant machinery and the construction of a pig farm of a total annual capacity of 70,000 fatlings and 2,500 sows. The farm will be located near Banatska Topola and will be opened next summer. In the beginning, it will have 50 employees. The whole procedure should be finished by 31st October, 2018”, Imre Kabok, a member of the Kikinda City Council says.

Kikinda Mayor, Pavle Markov said that he was aware of the concern expressed by the local farmers, but appealed to them to understand Toennies’ investment was of huge importance for Kikinda.

Nine companies were interested in leasing state-owned land in the municipality of Kikinda of a total surface of 9,186 hectares.

To remind, last Friday, Toennies was given the green light by the local government in Zrenjanin to lease 2,420 hectares of state-owned arable land for a period of 30 years. The company’s end goal is to have 10,000 hectares of arable land in Serbia which is how much he needs to open pig farms and abattoirs. The planned investment is in the region of 300 million EUR.

(eKapija, 26.07.2017)

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