KFOR spokesperson: ROSU arrested people all over Kosovo, not just in the north part

Due to the “politically sensitive moment“, KFOR commander, Italian General Lorenzo D’Adari, called on all sides in Kosovo and Metohija to calmly and responsibly resolve disputes without any use of force or violence.

Vincenzo Grasso, from KFOR’s Chief of Public Affairs Office, confirmed that the Kosovo police operation took place throughout Kosovo, not just in the north. “People should remain calm, they have nothing to fear,” KFOR said in an official statement.

Regarding the situation in the North of Kosovo, KFOR reports that the Kosovo Police is conducting a “Kosovo-wide” police operation based on an arrest warrant issued by the Court in Pristina regarding an investigation into corruption.

“KFOR confirms that this is just a police operation and that the Kosovo Security Force or any other military force is not deployed in the north of Kosovo,” KFOR said in a statement to Tanjug.

KFOR reiterates that it continues to monitor the situation and is ready to intervene, if required, as the third in the line of responsibility, in order to guarantee security for all of the communities in accordance with its mandate under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

To remind, a total of 28 people were arrested by the Kosovo special police force (ROSU) in North Kosovo yesterday – 19 policemen and 9 civilians. Eleven of the police officers are Serbs, seven are ethnic Albanians and one is a Bosniak, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said during a parliamentary debate on his report on Kosovo-Metohija.

Twelve police officers are from northern Kosovo and seven are from the south, while all nine civilians are Serbs from Zubin Potok. The Kosovo police say that the investigation into the dealings of the aforementioned individuals had been going on for months before the actual arrest and that those arrested will be charged with participation in the organization of criminal groups, smuggling of goods, misuse of official position, bribing and illegal trading.

(RTV, Tanjug, 28.05.2019)


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