KFOR: Serbian authorities were informed in advance about ROSU operation in Kosovo

KFOR spokesman, Colonel Vincenzo Grasso said on Wednesday that the Serbian authorities had been informed in advance about Kosovo police’s operation that took place on Tuesday.

Grasso told Belgrade’s TV Prva that “it (the operation) was not a surprise” and denied that the Hungarian contingent decided to react but was stopped by the KFOR commander as Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic claimed in his speech at the Serbian Parliament.  

“The situation was under control yesterday and we have been monitoring it constantly. We had a good exchange of information and were in contact with the Serbian authorities,” Grasso said.

On the other hand, the Serbian opposition bloc, gathered under the name Alliance for Serbia (SzS) said that the latest events in Kosovo were the result of “Aleksandar Vucic’s failed policy” and that the Kosovo police operation resembled “a joint endeavour by Vucic and Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj which won’t bring any good to either the Serb or the Albanian people living in Kosovo.”

Bosko Obradovic, head of the opposition Dveri Movement which is a member of the Alliance for Serbia, said Vucic and Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci, were the masterminds behind the events that transpired on Tuesday’s morning.

The Kosovo police carried out the operation aimed at arresting a number of alleged members of organized crime groups, including police and customs officers, which official Belgrade said was intended to intimidate the remaining Kosovo Serbs.

(Danas, N1, 29.05.2019)



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