KFOR keeps watch over Kosovo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić told the ambassadors of the Quint countries that he will not allow the humiliation of Serbian authorities in Kosovo.

At the moment, KFOR helicopters are flying over northern Kosovo and Metohija, and mayors of Kosovo towns with the majority Serbian population have called for an increased presence of the same force.

KFOR soldiers have appeared near the Jarinje administrative crossing, where members of the special units of the Kosovo police have been stationed for eight days. These are American, Polish and Canadian soldiers from the KFOR mission in Kosovo and Metohija.

It is not yet known whether they have arrived in Jarinje to ‘replace’ the special forces from Pristina and whether this means the withdrawal of the Kosovo police’s armoured vehicles. The mayors of towns in northern Kosovo and Metohija spoke with the KFOR commander, Major General Franco Federici, about the situation in the north and called for an increased KFOR presence at the crossings, particularly at Brnjak.

The mayors also asked the KFOR commander that KFOR soldiers remain neutral and act in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1244. They said that it is necessary to increase the KFOR presence due to a number of incidents caused by Kosovar special forces, ROSU, in the previous days, particularly at the Brnjak crossing, in order to prevent such incidents and preserve peace.

“Once again, we call on citizens to remain moderate and not to fall prey to provocations, we are on our own and we are defending fundamental human rights guaranteed by all international acts and charters,” he said. The KFOR commander has stated that KFOR will not interfere in political matters or remove roadblocks by force,” the statement said.

EU spokesman Peter Stzano said the EU was clear in its message to reduce tensions, but also in its assessment that it was the two sides that were primarily responsible for the current situation.

(Politika, 27.09.2021)


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