KFOR commander: It will take 10 years to form Kosovo army

It will take a lot to transform Kosovo security forces into an army, said KFOR Commander, Italian General Salvatore Cuoci, adding that whatever the long-term process was, it must be acceptable to all parties, including national minorities.

Cuoci also said that forming an army is a long process, and something that cannot be accomplished in one day, or just by adopting a draft law.

“In any case, when a decision is made, it will take at least 10 years to form an army. The question of the military is not just a matter of transition or transformation, there is also an issue of equipment, training, building army’s capabilities and capacities,” Cuoci said for KTV.

He added that the formation of an army requires different training, more money, and weapons, which means that the state budget should be completely different.

“All of this implies that forming an army is not so much a matter of decision, but it is a long-term process. Even if the draft law is adopted, this process will last 10 years,” said Kuci.

He reminded that KFOR supports the transformation of Kosovo security forces and constitutional changes in this regard.

“We support constitutional changes, transformation and transition. However, whatever the process it entails, it must be acceptable to all parties, including national minorities. This is the reason why NATO supports the constitutional changes, and if the changes are not acceptable to all parties, the Alliance will revise its position at its highest level”, Cuoci added.

(Blic, 14.06.2018)



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