Karic wants to participate in acquisition of PKB

Businessman and the leader of the Serbian Power Movement, Bogoljub Karic announces that he is ready to participate in the tender for the acquisition of PKB because, as he says, the current government has managed to bring order into „the privatization jungle that threatened to bring Serbia down on its knees economically”.

„This is where the former and the current government differ. The Serbian president and the government are doing everything in their power to make the rules and laws equally applicable to everybody. The government and the president did keep their promise that tenders will be public. The former government took everything that I and my family had worked hard for in the past half a century. We want to come back to Serbia and work here“, Karic said.

He also commented on the media reports that he was angry at the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic for not allowing him to buy PKB without a tend, and said that that was simply not true and that he didn’t not give any offer for PKB as yet.

The Belgrade Agricultural Combine (PKB for short) is one of the oldest and the biggest agricultural companies in Serbia which, according to the media, Karic is willing to offer 30 million EUR for the company which is four times lower than its actual value.

The Serbian government estimated PKB’s value at 145 million EUR.

(Vecernje Novosti, 30.08.2017)



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