Kalemegdan-Usce cable car to transport 3,000 passengers an hour

A cable car, that will connect Kalemegdan to Usce in Belgrade, will be about 1km long, and the whole journey between the two parts of the city will last about 5 minutes.

The Belgrade government has drafted the Detailed Regulation Plan for the Kalemegdan – Usce Cable car that will be available for public perusal from 13th to 27th September 2017. The cable car will cover the area of 10.7 hectares, and will connect two city municipalities – Stari Grad and Novi Beograd.

The cable car will have a stop close to the intersection of Karadjordjeva Street and Vojvoda Bojovic Boulevard on the Kalemegdan side. On the Usce side, the preliminary stop, as stipulated in the Detailed Regulation Plan, will be close to the Mihajlo Pupin and Nikola Tesla boulevards, right next to the skateboard park.

The starting position of the cable car will be 75 metres high, while, on the Kalemegdan side, it will be 106 metres high. The total length of the route is about 1km.

It is envisioned that the cable car transports up to 3,000 passengers an hour in both directions. There will be between 30 and 35 cabins that will take up to 35 passengers. Also, people will disabilities and cyclists will be able to use them.

According to the Belgrade mayor, Sinisa Mali, the construction of the Kalemegdan – Usce cable car is supposed to start in the spring of 2018.

(eKapija, 08.09.2017)

http://www.ekapija.com/news/1874107/cable car-kalemegdan-usce-prevozice-3000-putnika-na-sat-ocekuje-se-rasterecenje-javnog



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