Veseli provokes: “I wish Presevo and Medvedja belonged to Kosovo”

The Kosovo Parliament’s Speaker, Kadri Veseli has said that he was against the changes in state borders, but would, however, love if the municipalities in South Serbia, with mainly Albanian population, like Presevo and Medvedja, would belong to Kosovo.

“I would love nothing more than to have Presevo and Medvedja unify with Kosovo. We will be willing to accept a bilateral agreement if Serbia accepts such a thing, but we have nothing to give in return”, Veseli told T7 TV.

Veseli, who had previously threatened that “the borders of Kosovo will stretch all the way to (the Serbian town) of Nis”, said that “opening the issue of the borders in the Balkans has always meant war”.

“Let me be direct and say – no, and there is no possibility of a border change,” Veseli said in the press-release. Nevertheless, the official Pristina is open to the option of having the so-called Presevo Valley becoming a part of the Kosovo territory, reports Gazeta Express.

“We are open to the option of unifying this part with Kosovo, and it is only logical that we are interested in making that territory a part of the Republic of Kosovo. However, the period of conflict is no longer, and we are now open to dialogue”, Veseli added.

In response to Veseli’s interview,the head of Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric said in a written statement: “Kadri Veseli should not rejoice because Kosovo will never be a state, nor will Presevo, Medvedja, or Nis ever be a part of the so-called ‘Republic of Kosovo’. But Pristina is and will remain a part of Serbia, and he will always be a Serbian citizen”.

Djuric, who is participating in the technical dialogue with Kosovo in Brussels, said that Veseli’s statements are very dangerous. “Kadri Veseli’s repeated threats are infinitely dangerous and irresponsible. Threats of war have brought nothing good to anyone, especially when they are coming from an unprosecuted KLA commander”, Djuric added.

He went on to say that it was even more dangerous that nobody, including the EU, reacted to the repeated threats of war, violence and the dissemination of hatred in the region. “Apparently, the deafening noise that accompanied the fake demarcation of the administrative border with Montenegro, prevented the EU from condemning the threats to the region’s destabilization, war and violence. Sometimes, silence is louder than any words”, Djuric concluded.

(Vecernje Novosti, InSerbia 22.03.2018)


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