Just a third of people in Serbia get their information from daily press

The majority of Serbian citizens are getting their information from television, or 82.6%, while more than 56% of people get their information on the web and almost 40% on social networks.

This is what the results of this year’s research presented at the conference “The right size of the media” in Belgrade by Srdjan Bogosavljevic from Ipsos Strategic Marketing.

According to the same results, about 29% of Serbian citizens obtain information from the daily press and a fifth from the radio.

Bogosavljevic said that “there are very few countries with so many media outlets” and that Serbia is at the bottom in terms of allocated funds per media platform in the world.

He said that there are currently 2,357 registered media platforms in Serbia, while there are more than 800 media companies. As for the scope and confidence of the media, “everything is decreasing except the online platforms”.

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“There is an increase in the number of media platforms in Serbia. In 2000, there were 2,200 news media outlets and today we have 2,357 and that number is growing. The number of online media is growing, as is the number print media, which currently stands at over 900,” said Bogosavljevic.

According to Bogosavljevic, the reach of the Internet has grown and equals that of television, which reach is stagnant. He added that public confidence in the media is also decreasing, so only 15% of people in Serbia trust the daily press, while 28% don’t trust it.

35% of the respondents said they trusted television, 27% do not, while 12% trust internet portals against 19% who distrust them.

The conference was opened by the president of the International Development Organization IREX, Kristin M. Lord, who noted that there are numerous media challenges in Serbia because of the political and economic environment, which has caused the decline of Serbia’s ranking in the media freedom and sustainability indices.

(B92, 09.10.2019)




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