Juncker: Without EU perspective, Balkans could face military conflicts

The warning coming from the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker that the Balkans is still a fertile ground for military conflicts providing the Balkan countries did not have a serious EU perspective should be taken seriously by both EU officials and Balkan politicians.

“If such a complex European region gets the impression that we are not serious with the European perspective, we will experience, sooner rather than later, what we had on the Balkans during the 1990s”, stressed Juncker in a speech entitled “For Europe as a Foreign Policy Actor “delivered in front of the Austrian Parliament

However, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has classified such warning as “perhaps excessive”.

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“I would not underestimate the assessments made by the head of the European “government”, whom I consider to be a very serious politician. However, we will preserve peace, we will overcome the provocations in the region, and we will protect both ourselves and others”, said Vucic.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić shares Juncker’s opinion.

“The idea of European integration can play a positive role in the Balkans, as a contribution to stability and reducing tensions. That’s why it is in the EU’s best interest that the Balkans becomes a part of European integration. Essentially, Juncker is not far from the truth”, Dacic said for the Blic daily.

Political analyst Dusan Janjic underlines that the situation in the region is suitable for “yellow alarm”.

“Juncker is a little late with this statement, especially considering the fact that the issue of security in the region has been completely ignored for years. For example, nobody has dealt with the issue of security throughout the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. The dialogue has been perpetually obstructed since 2015, and this year, we witnessed the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and the arrest of Djuric. Federica Mogherini demonstrated the complete absence of concern for security in the Balkans”, says Janjic.

According to him, armed conflicts in the region could happen in weeks’ time if the warnings are not taken seriously.

“Macedonia remains an open issue, as does Sandzak. The situation in Croatia is tense. And the ethnic nationalism of the Balkan leaders in no way contributes to the reduction of tensions. That’s why EU officials have to keep control”, says Janjic.

(Blic, 08.10.2018)



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