Juncker: Serbia could join EU by 2025

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has sent a letter of intent to the president of the European Parliament and the presidency of the Council of the EU about the strategy of the EU enlargement.

The European Western Balkans portal reports that Juncker has announced in the letter that the Commission is planning to prepare a strategy for a successful accession of Serbia and Montenegro to the EU, with a perspective of joining in 2025, by the end of the next year.

The portal writes that Juncker’s letter, sent on September 13, mentions Serbia and Montenegro among one of the ten priorities within the “plan for a more united, stronger and more democratic EU”, as main candidates for the Western Balkans for joining the European Union, for which a strategy for a successful joining should be prepared.

As said, “there is a special emphasis on the rule of law, basic rights and fight against corruption and the complete stability of the entire region”.

Aside from the section about the state of the Union, Juncker and the First Vice President Frans Timmermans also sent a letter of intent to the president of the European Parliament and the presidency of the Council, detailing the activities the Commission intends to carry out through the legislative policy and other initiatives by the end of 2018.

Each year in September, the president of the European Commission has a “State of the Union” speech in the European Parliament, talking about the preceding year’s achievements and presenting the priorities for the next year.

Following the address, the president sends a letter of intent to the heads of the said institutions, which is specially defined by the Framework Agreement on relations between the European Parliament and the European Commission from 2010.

(eKapija, 14.09.2017)




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One Reply to “Juncker: Serbia could join EU by 2025”

  1. Hannah Montcolly says:

    EU.? Well that will be the death knoll for Serbia….can no one see what Europe is like.? What has happened to Greece economically…??? Unwanted and uncontrolled Immigration throughout EU? Law governing every EU country ruled by EU eurocrats. Truly does Serbia really think EU wants her for who she is? Do they think that bombing the shit out of Serbia was a platform for future friendship and equality.? Maybe Serbia’s friendship with Russia is not part of this devious welcome.? EU has shown it’s contempt and disregard for Serbia and all Serbs….

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