Jovanovic:”GSP Belgrade will either go bust or will be bought by a tycoon”

“If the public transport company GSP Belgrade (Gradsko Saobraćajno Preduzeće Beograd) continues in the practice of signing of damaging contracts regarding the maintenance of its vehicles, it will go bankrupt, be sold to a tycoon cheaply or end up like Ikarbus,” said Nikola Jovanović, founder of the Centre for Local Self-Government.

The Centre has warned that GSP has concluded a contract stipulating that the overhaul of just one trolleybus will cost up to 75,000 euros, which, according to Nikola Jovanović, is three times more than the real price.

According to him, the contract was concluded with Kordun Metali, a company that was only recently founded and has no experience with maintaining public transport vehicles.

Nikola Jovanović adds that GSP is being systematically destroyed and that the contract is another example of GSP being “a cash cow” from which money is being drained. “In the end, the residents of Belgrade might be left without public transport as the situation is quite alarming,” he warns.

“GSP’s employees told me that the GSP fleet is overdue for maintenance, even though the maintenance price has been drastically increased, and that they have the capacity to do the repairs themselves for about 20,000 euros a vehicle. This information was given to me by people who work there, who say that they should carry the maintenance work and not others,” Jovanović told Nova.

(Nova, 29.08.2021)


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