Jovanovic (SzS):”Paying 6 billion euro for subway is the biggest embezzlement in history”

A Belgrade Assembly member from the Alliance for Serbia (Szs), Nikola Jovanovic, reacted to the news reports that the Belgrade subway would cost as much as six billion euro instead of the earlier agreed two billion and estimated that the project would be a source of high corruption for which the Serbian citizens will pay a high price.

“Instead of opening the first line of the subway soon, Aleksandar Vucic’s regime has signed who knows which feasibility study in a row.  This is a study according to which the construction of the subway would cost six billion euro instead of two, believe it or not,” Jovanovic stated, as reported by SzS.

He estimated that the project will be “the main source of high corruption and a bottomless pit for which the citizens of Serbia will pay a high price”.

“As if the price of 2.2 billion euro, which was the quote from 2012, wasn’t high enough. This price then jumped to 4.4 billion euro in 2019 to today’s 6 billion,” he warned.

Jovanovic added that Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic and Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic were “directly responsible for the harmful and senseless change of the original subway project, for undermining the country’s economic system and for potentially the biggest corruption project in recent history.”

“The government, which was not even capable to dig out underground passages on Slavija Square, is now announcing the construction of the subway at costs that are three times higher than the initially quoted ones. This is a textbook example of corruption,” Jovanovic warned.

He added after “the criminal regime” is overthrown, the Belgrade subway will be built at a price of 2.2 billion euro and in line with the project from 2012, which was drafted by the professionals from the field.

To remind, the agreement on the preparation of the project documentation relating to the construction of the subway system in Belgrade was signed today by representatives of the city administration, the PUE Belgrade Subway (Beogradski Metro) and the French company Egis.

“Today we are witnessing the signing of the commercial agreement on the preparation of the feasibility study for the construction of the Belgrade subway, whereby we are using the donation made by the French government and commencing the implementation of the largest infrastructural investment in this part of Europe, worth 6 billion euro,” stated Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure , Zorana Mihajlovic.

Mihajlovic also said that the feasibility study would be completed in a year and a half, when the construction of the 60-km-long subway with 60 stations should begin.

(Novi Magazin and eKapija, 21.07.2020)



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