Joksimovic: Serbia to open two more negotiation chapters by June

Serbian Minister of European Integration, Jadranka Joksimovic said that Serbia would open two negotiation chapters – 33 (financial and budgetary provisions) and 13 (fisheries) – by the end of June, i.e. at the end of the six-month long Bulgaria’s presidency over the European Union.

At the opening of the exhibition “Applied Nostalgia”, which were attended by the President of Serbia and Bulgaria, Aleksandar Vucic and Rumen Radev respectively, Joksimovic said that she was grateful to Bulgaria for shifting the EU’s focus on the Western Balkans and, consequently, to Serbia again during it presidency.

Serbia played a prominent role in this agenda, Joksimovic assessed.

Speaking about the exhibition, Joksimovic said that when she came to Sofia to attend the EU-Western Balkan Summit, she was surprised how much it had changed and by the number of people who were satisfied that their country had joined the EU.

“People are getting used to it and I believe that this is the future for Serbia too”, Joksimovic said.

The Bulgarian Ambassador to Serbia, Radko Vlajkov said that he was pleased to see that his capital was featured in the exhibition “Applied Nostalgia”,that was being staged for the 14th time.

“It is a great pleasure for me here to be two presidents and a large number of ambassadors of the EU member states, because this is a sign that we support Serbia’s direction”, Vlajkov said.

Dragana Udovicic and Hristo Rusev are the authors of the exhibition.

Udovicic stayed in Sofia in April 2018 and photographed places, events, scenes and people who reminded her of Belgrade.

At the same time, Bulgarian photographer, Hristo Rusev, visited Belgrade and photographed the city and its citizens “with the objective of a nostalgic photographer”.

The project “Applied Nostalgia” was conceived as a series of joint photo exhibitions by two photographers, one from Serbia and one from the country presiding over the EU.

(Danas, 21.06.2018)


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