Joksimovic: Opening of three more chapters possible in June

By the end of June, Serbia could open two or three more chapters in negotiation with the European Union (EU), Serbian minister in charge of the European integration Jadranka Joksimovic said on Monday.

At the plenary session of the National Convention on the European Union (EU), a permanent body for thematically structured debate on Serbian accession into the European Union, Joksimovic stressed that chapters 7, 29 and 30 are expected to be opened that deal with protection of intellectual property rights, customs union, and the economic relations with foreign countries respectively.

“We have good prospects of maintaining good dynamics (in the EU integration process) by the end of Malta’s presidency over the European Union, as well as to continue along the path of stability through successful European integration in the second part of the year,” she said, according to the press release of the Serbian government.

She invited representatives of the civil society to explain to citizens that European integration “is not a process that Brussels is forcing us upon, but a mechanism that helps our country to work better and faster to our advantage”.

So far, Serbia has opened eight chapters in its integration process with the EU which are related to public procurement, enterprise and industrial policy, judiciary and fundamental rights, justice freedom and security, science and research, financial control and education.

(Xinhua news agency, 24.04.2017)


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