John Malkovich as a special guest of Belgrade’s biggest film festival FEST

The famous American actor nominated and twice an Oscar nominee, John Malkovich, will be an official guest at the biggest film festival in Serbia, FEST.

At the Festival, John Malkovich will receive the special award “Beogradski Pobednik” and will perform a recital accompanied by music entertainment, Ivan Karl, Belgrade’s Secretary of Culture and Head of the FEST Committee, informs.

Known for such iconic films as “Places in the Heart”, “Dangerous Liaisons”, “The Sheltering Sky”, “In the Line of Fire”, “The Man in the Iron Mask”, “Being John Malkovich”, and “Burn After Reading”, Malkovich also has keen interest in his family origins.

The famous actor told the truth spoke about his family’s roots two years ago in Zagreb, where he was a special guest at the opening of the season at the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall.

Although Malkovich was convinced that his family were of Croatian origin, his mother revealed to him that they were actually Montenegrins. According to historians, John Malkovich’s original surname was Maljković and his family was from Metohija. Later, his ancestors moved to the area of Raska, Lika and North Montenegro.

The arrival of John Malkovich is not the only big news related to the 48th FEST.

“The first and most important change is that this year the festival will also have a competitive programme dedicated to the Serbian cinematography, which bears a temporary name “Serbia and Friends”. The competition programme will include new Serbian films, films from the region which were co-produced by Serbia, and as usual, films from all over the world. Up to twenty films in total will compete for the Beogradski Pobednik Award in six categories: the best film, the best director, the best male lead, the best female lead, the best screenplay and the best debut,” Ivan Karl added.

(Blic, 30.10.2019)

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