Johannes Hahn and Angela Merkel disagree over Kosovo

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Tramp have had a talk about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and the status of Kosovo and Metohija and noted that they support all the talks that would lead to the solution of the issue.

This was confirmed today in Berlin by Merkel, who added that extra care should be taken not to create new problems and to respect territorial integrity.

“We say that the territorial integrity, as it is now created, is one value. The same thing I said when the prime ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro were here, which is that we must be careful that actions in one territory do not lead to actions in other territories”, Merkel said at a joint media conference with the Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković.

This time, the German official did not repeat what she said on 13th August after a meeting with the Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers, namely that there will be no change in the borders in the Balkans.

However, when the German MP the Vice President of the CDU / CSU faction in the German parliament, Johann Wadephul talked with President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade, he highlighted the German position regarding the change of the borders as “defined by Chancellor Merkel.”

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“In our opinion, re-establishing new borders between Kosovo and Serbia is not good. As for Germany’s standpoint, it is necessary that the two sides find a solution to normalize relations, but we will not change our opinion regarding the borders,” Wadephul said in Belgrade, practically confirming that German authorities support the borders that were established after the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999, and the 2008 declaration of independence of the so-called Republic of Kosovo.

Also a foreign policy adviser to the CFU / CSU fraction, Hans Joachim Falenski was also present at the meeting at which the Serbian president said that few people in the world knew with certainty what the borders of Serbia were and what Kosovo was, and underlined that the agreement between the Serbs and Albanians was crucial for both nations.

“Serbia is determined to find a compromise solution for Kosovo for the sake of the peaceful future of our country and the region. This solution would, at the same time, protect our state and national interests”, Vucic told Wadephul and Falenski at the meeting.

The latest messages coming from the official Berlin and the views put forward earlier by the European Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, according to whom Brussels should accept the agreement of the Serbs and Albanians, at first glance go against each other, although no one has fully concretized the outcome of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina which the EU could accept.

Aleksandar Gajić from the Institute for European Studies says that it is definitely clear that there is a disagreement among officials within the EU, and that Berlin firmly backs its earlier positions:

“It remains to be seen whether Hahn and other EU officials are expressing their personal opinions or those of the EU institutions. I don’t think that Berlin will change its opinion regarding the borders, even if Pristina and Belgrade agree on a solution that would imply such a thing. In addition, some of the politicians in Pristina are siding with Western countries who consider that Kosovo should have the same borders as it had when it declared its independence.”

Even Washington, according to Gajic, could not soften Germany’s attitude, particularly now when the US and Germany are split on many other issues.

(Vecernje Novosti, 28.08.2018)

Photo credits: Tanjug / Ap

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