Johanna Deimel: ‘Vučić’s star is dimming’

“I think that Nebojša Stefanović (Serbian Defence Minister) does not have the power to successfully replace Vučić, and there is turmoil within the (Serbian Progressive) party. I think Vučić’s star is dimming”. This is what Johanna Deimel, an independent German analyst, says commenting on the statements made by a Russian journalist in Kommersant on relations between the West and the Serbian president.

According to her, Vučić’s criminal charges against himself are “very worrying”. “I think it is above all a sign of his deep contempt for justice. How arrogant and conceited he is! He feels untouchable and challenges his supposed enemies from organised crime to take a public stand. At the same time, we have to be careful because Vučić also uses what research portals such as KRIK and BIRN publish for his ‘dirty games’, although this is my impression as an outsider,” says Deimel.

“We only have to look at what is happening in neighbouring Bulgaria, i.e. scandals related to eavesdropping, corruption and nepotism have been revealed in recent weeks, following on from the already notorious scandals that former PM Borisov is linked to. The transitional government reveals these scandals almost every day, which means that there is weak tolerance and support for such politicians in the region,” Deimel underlines.

“The United States has imposed sanctions against very important figures in Bulgaria, which must act as an “alarm” for Vučić, taking into account the fact that, from the end of September, Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and one of the proponents of “realpolitik”, will no longer be in power. The public opinion polls have shown that people believe that a new government coalition will be formed in which the Greens will almost certainly play an important role,” Deimel points out.

Deimel adds that the German Greens have stated in their election programme that they will “consistently support sanctions in accordance with the rule of law, and that human rights are among their fundamental principles, including the ban on video surveillance cameras that recognise people’s faces, such as those Vučić has already bought from China and uses extensively”.

Thus, for Vučić, the direction in which ‘the wind is blowing’ is changing, and it is possible that ‘soon a strong wind will blow right into his face’, the analyst concludes.

(Danas, 08.08.2021)



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