Jobs that are most in demand in Serbia

The previous year was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which had a great impact on the labour market in Serbia too.

During the state of emergency, the labour market in Serbia was at a standstill, but after its abolition, an adjustment to the new situation began. The novelty in business is that, due to the epidemiological measures, the focus has shifted to remote work, i.e. working from home.

The list of the currently most wanted professions includes sales personnel, couriers/delivery workers and call centre workers.

In 2020, trade, sales, computer science, mechanical engineering, administration and electrical engineering, warehousing, construction, transportation, and call centres topped the list of most sought-after industries job-wise. When it comes to individual job positions, sales staff, warehouse workers, drivers and phone operators had the highest number of job opportunities last year.

The IT field is still sorely lacking staff, so it’s difficult for employers to find quality candidates, especially of middle management. The positions IT employers needed most are JavaScript developer, Java developer, IT help desk, Net developer, and PHP developer.

When it comes to staff shortages, the labour market in Serbia lacks many craft occupations, such as hairdressers, cooks, car mechanics, carpenters, and warehouse workers.

“In nearly 42,000 job ads, there is a higher demand for candidates with high school education, up to 60%. University degree is required in 29% of the ads advertised and a master’s degree in only 8%. In contrast, the number of job seekers is largely made up of highly qualified people (50%), while only a quarter of them have a high school diploma,” the site says.

English remains the most sought-after foreign language, so as many as a fifth of the ads mentioned this as a job requirement.  Knowledge of German, Russian and Hungarian is required to a lesser extent.

(eKapija, 20.01.2021)


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