Jeremic:”If election were to take place today, under the current conditions, we would boycott it”

The President of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), Vuk Jeremic, said that the party would do “everything possible” to improve the electoral conditions, but it feared that those conditions were far from ideal.

He also announced that the People’s Party would participate in the local elections in Negotin, scheduled for 17 October, specifying that that would be a “demonstration exercise that will clearly show the current state of electoral conditions”.

“We will monitor and document in detail everything the government does in relation to the Negotin elections and present it in real-time to the European mediators. The SNS party acts on predatory instinct and I expect to see everything we have seen in previous elections taking place. The local election in Negotin will be a good experiment and an exercise that will take place at a crucial time,” Jeremic added.

Commenting on the continuation of the dialogue between the government and the opposition on the election conditions with the mediation of the EU, Jeremic said that the People’s Party has sent some amendments to the European mediators’ document and will continue to participate in the dialogue on 17 and 18 September.

“Today we are much closer to the fact that, at the end of the process, the electoral conditions would not be ideal, but we will do everything possible to improve them, knowing that we have tried as much as we could. If the dialogue is interrupted today and things remain as they are, we will certainly not participate (in the election),” he added.

Jeremic assessed that the opposition “will probably never have the active support” of the European Union for the removal of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić from power, but added that it “does not need it” because “Vučić’s regime will be replaced with the support of Serbian citizens. The most realistic thing is for the EU to stop actively supporting Vučić and not intervening as it did in 2012, when the last government change took place. That would suffice for us”.

(, Beta, 15.09.2021)

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