Jeremic:”Election boycott certain”

The president of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka) Vuk Jeremić said, during his guest appearance on RTS, that the decision to boycott the upcoming elections in Serbia is “final” and “there is no chance” that it will change.

“The elections will be held by the government, the regime and those who are just “acting” as the opposition, Šešelj, Miša Vacić and others. Conditions for elections are not right and nothing will change,” Jeremic told RTS, adding that the goal of the boycott is to create normal living conditions for the people in Serbia.

He also pointed out that Krušik arms factory and the affair involving Branko Stefanović, father of Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović regarding arms trade with Saudi Arabia, was covered by the majority of international media and that “one would expect the public service (RTS) to be more interested in this than the German weekly, Spiegel”.

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According to Jeremić, the public broadcaster Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) is not interested in the opinion of the opposition in the most controversial cases such as the trial of the former mayor of Brus, Milutin Jeličić for sexual harassment of Marija Lukić, reporter Milan Jovanovic’s house set on fire, or the house arrest and charges brought against Aleksandar Obradović when the Krušik affair came to light.

Commenting on the regional initiative of the union between Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia, the so-called Mini Schengen, which should allow the free flow of people, goods and capital through the signatory countries, Jeremić said that “(President) Vučić did not consult the relevant institutions in Serbia, because he did not want to hear what the consequences of the initiative might be”.

The Mini Schengen will create a free passage for hundreds of thousands of refugees, following the threats made to the European Union by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. If he implements his threats and the EU closes its borders, those refugees will stay in Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia,” Jeremić warned.

Jeremić also said that the demarcation with Kosovo, supported by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and other senior Serbian officials, will lead to Kosovo becoming a member of the United Nations.

“After that there are no legal means to prevent two members of the United Nations, Kosovo and Albania, from uniting,” Jeremić concluded.

(Danas, 25.12.2019)

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