Jeremic: “When the EU starts using sharper rhetoric towards the Serbian authorities, the end of the regime will be near”

The president of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), Vuk Jeremic, said yesterday that the change of government in Serbia would come very soon if the European Union started using a political dictionary similar to the one it used towards Belarus.

“Belarus is a bit different from Serbia. The similarity lies in the fact that there is the interest of more than one international factor, the West and Russia, but the balance of power is different. Russia is more dominant in Belarus, while the EU is stronger in Serbia. It is easier to use strong words when you are not a decisive factor in that country,” Jeremic said at a press conference in Cacak.

“We do not advocate revolutionary change or justice, but we want to achieve government change through peaceful and institutional means. We will accomplish this by participating in free elections and social justice will be achieved by respecting the law and with the help of the justice system,” continued Jeremic.

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He underlined that the first but not the only big task for his party was to send the “SNS” regime to the archives of history”, and that the adherence to the rule of law should among the most important aspects of all future governments.

“It is clear that the current conformation of the National Parliament will not last for the entire term. In the months ahead of us, the economic and health situation will be much more complex than it is today, so it could happen that new elections will come by very soon,” Jeremic added.

Jeremic concluded that the most important task of his party in the coming months would be to strengthen the internal structures in order to create an organization capable of monitoring all the polling stations in Serbia, ensuring electoral victory and preventing the theft of votes.

(Danas, 26.08.2020)

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