Jeremic: “Vucic is secretly meeting with Thaci”, Vucic replies via Twitter

President of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremic said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has been in “secret talks with Kosovo leaders, Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj” while trying to buy extra time for himself and his coalition partners in Pristina.

“The beginning of the summer is mentioned as the deadline for the resolution of the Kosovo issue, and Vucic is now using the figurative ‘fig leaf’ to cover up his tracks. On Tuesday evening, he met with Hashim Thaci , and, on Sunday, he privately travelled to New York, the trip that nobody in Serbia knows about. He is also negotiating with Haradinaj via a close mediator from his immediate environment”, Vuk Jeremic said for Sarajevo’s TV station, Fejs.

Jeremic, who is the president of the People’s Party and former Serbian Foreign Minister, said that Vucic had proposed to the Western countries a “genius” idea of exchanging the South of Serbia for North of Kosovo, but that the proposal was rejected because there had been a long-standing promise that Belgrade and Pristina would sign a comprehensive agreement, which, among other things, would allow Kosovo to become a UN member.

The West now wants Vucic to fulfil the promise he gave in early 2012, when he came to power, and that was to resolve the problem with Kosovo in a way that the previous government was not ready to do it – Jeremic said. He added that Vucic, Thaci and Haradinaj “are the same type of people and that postponing the resolution of the Kosovo issue suits all three of them”.

“Once the Kosovo issue is resolved, the West would no longer need them (Vucic, Thaci and Haradinaj) and they are afraid that they would be tried and sentenced no longer after that.

Jeremic concluded that, in given circumstances, Vucic was desperate to “get anything in return” for signing the comprehensive agreement because, for the past six years, he had been trading with Serbian interests in Kosovo in order to “solidify his brutal dictatorship” and do everything that he was asked to do without the Albanian side having to do the same.

In a rather sarcastic reply to Jeremic, Vucic posted the following on his Twitter account: “Vuk Jeremic is right about everything. I should have had dinner at a New York restaurant with the Soros family, but they also cancelled on me because they had seen Angela Merkel doing the same in Berlin. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet with any members of the Soros family.”

(Danas, 18.03.2018)



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