Jeremic: “Vrnjacka Banja is one of the money laundering centres”

The president of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), Vuk Jeremic, said that the municipality of Vrnjacka Banja is “among the biggest money launderers in Serbia, as the laundering is done through the construction of real estate”.

According to him, “this has been noted by international organisations, the most important of which is the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime in Geneva, one of the most influential institutes of its kind in the world, which in its latest report listed Serbia as the regional centre for money laundering through real estate deals”.

Jeremic also said that the report of this international organization mentions Vrnjacka Banja as one of the money laundering centres along with the Belgrade Waterfront project, “which is probably the most serious money laundering case in Serbia”, and adds that Zlatibor and Novi Sad were also listed for the same reason.

Jeremic stated that the yet-to-be-built national water polo training centre in Vrnjacka Banja is failing because “there is no financial interest of the ruling caste” to build such a facility.

“The training centre was supposed to be completed in June 2016, and as of today, when there are only a few days left until the beginning of June 2021, it still hasn’t been finished. Since Serbia has a president who has all the power in his hands, it is possible that someone will inform him about this visit of ours, and he will order one of his people to finish the centre quickly. This could be good for Serbian sport and the health of our nation,” Jeremic added.

The chairman of the People’s Party’s sports council, Danilo Ikodinović, said that “two and a half million euro have already been wasted on the national training centre in Vrnjacka Banja, and the construction has not even been completed”.

“The idea was to move the swimming pools from the Belgrade Arena to Vrnjacka Banja, but none of that happened. This is conceived as a national water polo centre, which would be also used for recreational sports and by all citizens of Vrnjacka Banja. It seems, however, that the centre will not be finished any time soon,” said Ikodinovic.

(N1, 23.05.2021)


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