Jeremic: “The government will fall by 2023”

The President of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), Vuk Jeremic, said that it was of crucial importance that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) receive a first hard blow in the upcoming elections from which it might never recover.

“If, at the beginning of 2022, we give a blow to the regime’s monolithic nature and the illusion of being invincible, 2023 will be the year of the change in power. The government will fall in two stages, in the space of under a year,” Jeremić said in Knić, where the election assembly of the People’s Party’s municipal council was held.

“The power of the SNS party will crumble and the government will fall. That will happen when people dare to come forward. You can mind your own business and wait for the water to reach your throat and start gasping for air. We are not waiting for that and we are trying to stay on their heels in the next elections,” Jeremic added.

He said that the People’s Party is the outpost of the joint efforts of the opposition and citizens to bring about changes, but that the change of government is only the beginning, as the goal is to change the system.

“Vucic and the SNS party rule through fear and people are mum because they are afraid of losing their jobs or peace in their families. If it were not for this, this government would have been stripped of power a long time ago. It is the worst government in the recent history of Serbia, made by the worst people,” Jeremic concluded.

(N1, 04.07.2021)

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