Jeremic: SNS capable of using violence to win in Belgrade

People’s Party President Vuk Jeremic says that the SNS will not abstain from violence in an attempt to defend its power in Belgrade, while SNS replies that Jeremic is preparing a riot.

According to Jeremic, the attack on the activists from the Free Citizen’s Movement is a demonstration of how SNS will behave.

“How far will the Serbian Progressive Party go with this depends primarily on us and our determination to join forces and put a stop to it,” Jeremic said in a written statement.

He pointed out that, just like 20 years ago, Serbia was again faced with a regime that would stop at nothing to defend its position of power while enjoying the support from abroad, again like the political regime from 20 years ago.

The Free Citizens’ Movement announced earlier that the SNS activists attacked their members at the Kalenic Market in Vracar.

In response to Jeremic’s accusations, Milenko Jovanovic from the Serbian Progressive Party said that “Jeremic, along with Limun, Basanovic and Subara, are preparing riots in Belgrade”.

According to him, Jeremic knows that “he can come to power only by force”.

“The people in Serbia know very well that during the presidential elections, Jeremic had been threatening with riots and storming the premises of the State Electoral Commission. He is now resorting to old tricks, threatening and being loud, like a frenzied humming bird which jumps up and down at the meetings of Miskovic’s coalition of tycoons and thieves”, Jovnovic added.

The SNS members have also claimed they had been attacked in Belgrade during their pre-election activities.

(B92, 04.02.2018)



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