Jeremic: Secret talks about demarcation of Kosovo and Metohija ongoing

Demarcation negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo are taking place behind closed doors, and the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is speaking on Serbia’s behalf, said Leader of the People’s Party and former Chairman of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic, speaking to N1.

Jeremic told N1 that he was informed of this by a number of international high officials, with whom he spoke on the margins of the UN General Assembly session.  

He recalled that as former UN General Assembly Chairman, he was invited to these negotiations and that he had a great number of meeting in New York with world officials on this subject.  

According to him, the demarcation means that parts of the so-called Presevo valley would become part of Kosovo, and parts of northern Kosovo would become part of Serbia. A part of this plan envisages that Kosovo would also get a seat at the UN.

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Jeremic stated that such a move would be a step in the direction of the creation of Greater Albania, because, instead of one, Serbia would thus border with two Albanian states.  

He added that he was told that last week, Blair met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week, trying to “soften her attitude towards the demarcation.” Allegedly, Blair also spoke of this with some French officials and next week he will travel to Washington.   …

Jeremic also said that Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic’s recent address at the UN General Assembly “caused a lot of damage” to Serbia’s negotiating position on Kosovo.

“Speaking at the UN General Assembly is an extremely formal occasion where every word is carefully weighed. Everybody noticed that the head of the Serbian delegation did not mention the Resolution 1244 in reference to Kosovo, nor thanked the states that did not recognize Kosovo”, said Jeremic.

Jeremic also pointed out that the fact that the Serbian President was not there also sent a serious message.  

“These are clear signals to those who know how to read them, namely that Serbia is changing its position on Kosovo and Metohija, which seriously weakens the determination of those who have supported us so far,” Jeremic said.

(, 01.10.2018)


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