Jeremic: Referendum about Kosovo and snap parliamentary election on 4th Nov

The National People’s Party (Narodna Stranka) president, Vuk Jeremic has said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic plans to call a referendum on Kosovo on 4th November together with the snap parliamentary elections, as “he intends to steal votes as never before, while expecting that the western part of the international community to turn their heads away.”

“The West needs Serbia to sign an agreement that would allow Pristina to become a member of the UN. Vucic plans to finalize the negotiations about the agreement, and then say that the document will be signed only if the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) wins. He is only concerned with having another four years in power and is ready to renounce Kosovo for this purpose,” Jeremic told TV Nasa.

The President of the National People’s Party, who is also the former Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, added that he had learned about the possible date of the snap parliamentary election from his former counterpart and that a certain country, that is a very influential member of the UN Security Council, expects that too.

Jeremic assessed that Vucic’s referendum on Kosovo is less important because, as he said, “the results would be completely manipulated with,” and that the referendum question might be formulated something along the lines “are you for peace or war” or “do you agree with a compromise solution for Kosovo that would allow peace and stability in the region.”

 “A powerful regime propaganda machine will, like in 1995, when Slobodan Milosevic renounced Krajina in Croatia, spin the news about renouncing Kosovo as a victory of peace and that whoever opposes it, advocates a war. These are all lies. There is no threat of war involving Serbia. It’s only Vucic who stands to lose the Western support if he fails to fulfill what he promised, “Jeremic said.

He assessed that during his recent visit to Paris, Vucic tried to present himself to the French president, Emanuel Macron, as “the Serbian Charles de Gaulle, because only a leader with a national aura like de Gaulle could give up Algeria, and so will Vucic, like the Serbian De Gaulle, resolve the issue of Kosovo and seek France’s support for doing so.”

“That, of course, was not met well by the French President because here you have someone who has delusion of grandeur and holds such a responsible position. In France, Vucic behaved as if Kosovo was Serbia’s colony, such as Algeria was a French colony back in the day. This is not only the opposite of the truth and morality, but also goes against common sense, since you are entering a crucial round of negotiations”, Jeremic concluded.

(, 29.07.2017)

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