Jeremic pushing for Dveri to enter Belgrade opposition coalition

President of CIRSD and the former presidential candidate, Vuk Jeremic is advocating for Bosko Obradovic, the leader of the right-wing political party Dveri, to become a member of the Belgrade opposition coalition.

President of the Democratic Party (DS), Dragan Sutanovac is adamantly against this – the Blic daily says, citing unofficial sources.

Jeremic is trying to reconcile the two completely opposing sides, and the question remains how realistic are his aspirations – the daily writes.

Citing an anonymous source close to Jeremic, the Blic goes on to say that, since he’s been back to Serbia, Jeremic has been in regular touch with Obradovic and has met with him on several occasions to talk about collaborating.

“As the Belgrade elections are drawing near, the two (Jeremic and Obradovic) have started to meet more frequently and now are trying to both become a part of the opposition coalition”, the source adds.

Apparently, Jeremic doesn’t mind having Dveri in that coalition as long as they are “the true opposition to the current party in power”.

The same source also claims that Sasa Jankovic is the number one pick for Jeremic in terms of political partner because he has a good grasp of all of the important political issues. The Blic also says that the idea of including Dveri and Obradovic into the opposition coalition has not been welcomed by the Democrats because Sutanovac and Obradovic have never seen eye-to-eye.

“Jeremic and Obradovic are now frequently thought to be the right-wing coalition that should participate in the election together. Despite Dveri being too hard core even for Jeremic, he is going to try push for them to be on the election list. I don’t think that the opposition will take lightly to this because their electorate would be very much against it”, the Blic’s source says.

(RTV, 31.07.2017)



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