Jeremic: Parliament no longer exists, Vucic has to listen to people

President of the People’s Party and Alliance for Serbia, Vuk Jeremic said today that the parliament no longer exists as a legitimate body and that the president of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, must respond to the demands stated in the Agreement with the People.

“The opposition MPs are not going back to the parliament, this story is over – there is no more parliament. Now, the National Parliament is a playhouse for the SNS, a circus, if you will. SNS will no longer hide behind Aleksandar Martinovic, Vojislav Seselj and Cedomir Jovanovic. Vucic simply has to respond to the demands of the people and the opposition,” Jeremic told TV Nasa.

He went on to say that Aleksandar Vucic would try to break up the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) opposition bloc, adding that he would not succeed, the Beta news agency reported.

Jeremic said that Vucic would “for sure” try to make a secret deal with some opposition leaders and warned that should not happen.

“We must not betray the people who are persistently protesting across the country; we must not gamble with their confidence and energy. Any separate talks with the dictator are inadmissible. I trust my colleagues, and I’m convinced that the regime would not manage to split us,” Jeremic said.

Jeremic then noted that he heard from “relatively credible sources” that Vucic had already tried to contact some opposition leaders, but since he could not be sure, he chose “not to trust the information.”

“It is of utmost importance for us to show solidarity and that no one communicates with Vucic, not even with the best intent,” Jeremic added.

He reiterated the opposition stand it would boycott elections under the current conditions.

Earlier, Stanislava Pak, a member of the SNS Foreign Cooperation Council, told the Belgrade-based Prva TV that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would decide next week on whether to call a snap election.

(, Beta, 12.02.2019)


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