Jeremic: Nobody is allowed to tell Vucic that he is wrong

The president of People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), Vuk Jeremic says that Serbia has entered a phase in which preventing people from expressing different opinions has become an integral part of political life, which is characteristic of totalitarian systems.

He also pointed out that in addition to the authorities attacking people who think differently, the opposition rallies are increasingly being banned or obstructed.

Speaking about the members of his party being frequently attacked at conferences and when they conduct other political activities, Jeremic pointed out in an interview that the only people who could have done that come from the current government. “In Serbia today, only the government has the capacity to make something impossible, either institutional or extra-institutional,” Jeremic said.

The People’s Party leader said that the opposition parties simply had to unite in order to change the regime in Serbia and that the People’s Party has been actively participating in the work done by the Alliance for Serbia.

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“The People’s Party is the only opposition party that is growing in infrastructure. We will selflessly share all our resources with our colleagues and allies from the Alliance for Serbia,” said Jeremic. Speaking about the authorities’ attitude towards Kosovo and Metohija, Jeremic warned that we have never been closer to the demarcation between Serbia and the so-called Kosovo state as we are now.

According to him, the negotiations about the demarcation are going on behind closed doors and that process would soon come to an end. “If we do not do something that will prevent this from happening, next year, the government will sign a legally binding agreement on the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo”, Jeremic said, explaining that this would result in Kosovo membership in the United Nations and would lift any obstacles in creating “Greater Albania”.

Asked to comment on his statement that Serbian diplomacy needed urgent and radical changes, Jeremic pointed out that it is necessary for Serbia’s diplomacy to get involved again in the international relations of our country.

The President of the People’s Party also pointed out that the situation in Serbia’s foreign policy is further aggravated the absence of courage of the president’s associates and diplomats to tell him that he is making mistakes. “This is an obvious tendency not only in international relations but practically in all areas, which, in practice means that one person decides about everything. This cannot have good consequences, especially in diplomacy”, Jeremic concluded.

(Danas, 29.10.2018)



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