Jelena Trivan and her monthly salary of EUR 7,000

According to, Jelena Trivan, editor-in-chief of the public institution Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia and as of recently, CEO of the state mobile telephony company M:tel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, earns almost 7,000 euros a month from these two positions in two different countries. Due to her close ties with the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Trivan receives full remuneration in both companies.

Once a prominent representative of the Democratic Party and now a pillar of the Serbian Progressive Party, she has been leading two companies in two different countries for two months. She is responsible for the operations of the Official Gazette and, since 15 October, of M:tel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not only that, she is also a member of the board of the Serbian Film Centre, another state-run institution.

Trivan claims that, as director of the Official Gazette, she earns about 200,000 dinars a month. As Nova reported, she did not report to the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption her income and function in M:tel, owned by Telekom Serbia, and, as a public official, should have done so within a month, i.e. by 15 November.

To remind, Jelena Trivan was recently in the news because of the Serbian Film Centre’s board of directors, which she chairs, decided to overturn the commission’s decision to financially support the films of eminent film directors such as Srdjan Dragojevic, Goran Markovic and Zelimir Zilnik, well-known opponents of the regime.

(Nova, 20.12.2021)

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